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We take selling your home very seriously, our aim is to put your property in front of as many people as we possibly can, and as quickly as we can, very often the same day we are instructed, do not be surprised if you receive calls from us requesting a viewing that very same day due to our State of the Art Property Software system.

We use the latest in marketing technology to present your property details to the people that count, via email updates, sms text messaging, newspaper advertising plus, as mentioned our fabulous State of the Art website.

Property selling can run smoothly and be a very satisfying experience, especially when you have confidence in your agent. Over the years agency has attracted rather a poor name, and rightfully so. Some of the better known agents having been in the

limelight for the wrong reasons and really have not helped create confidence.

However we know where we are going and understand that honesty and transparency is what is required to reach our goals, words not often associated with agency anymore.

We will be extremely open when we inspect your property and provide an honest opinion of market value.

Be wary of valuations that sound too good to be true, they normally are just that, they promise the earth and over value, purely to secure an instruction.

Three weeks down the line be prepared for a price reduction request, this is not a practice we condone. Obviously pricing a property is not an exact science and very much depends on market conditions and how desirable your property may be to prospective buyers.

For every property we are instructed to value we will carry out a thorough research of similar properties within the area, based on our findings of comparable properties we will then make an informed valuation of your property along with any other contributing factors. We find this is definitely the best policy, and it gets results.

We will offer both a suggested asking price and the price we feel confident you are likely to achieve.

We appreciate the opportunity to value your property; and with this in mind we have every intention of getting it right first time.

Our commitment is to achieve the correct market price for your property quickly and efficiently.

Work Ethic

Our work ethic and ethos is very simple, an old school selling mentality whereby contemporary marketing ideas and technology combine to produce a new generation of Estate Agent, one that gets the job done with the minimum of fuss

Your property activity, day or night, via our website. You will be able to see if there has been any interest, feedback, as well as monitoring, offers, viewings etc... Communicate with us knowing it will be dealt with almost instantly. Feel free to make changes or suggestions online and be confident in the fact that we will act upon your requests.

An agency whereby the person you speak to from the start is the same person you speak to at the finish, to us, you are a person, not a number, so rest assured you will get a warm welcome every time you call. An agency that actually cares about what you think and say, and more importantly, stops to listen!

As soon as you put your property on the market with us, our fully integrated IT system pinpoints suitable buyers and provides them with details about your property, instantly.

Very often your property will get interested buyers, the same day and nearly always within 24-48 hours of it being submitted to our website.

Property Details

Producing well-written, informative and accurate particulars is a given standard. We take superb quality digital photos using the latest in photographic technology, guaranteeing superior reproductions backed up with accurate particulars utilised in our advertisements, PR material and on the Internet, we utilise top quality floor plan design to enhance the saleability of your property.

Floor plans are an important addition to particulars; especially in today's market with so many people viewing via the Internet it is an added plus likely to get a better response.

We regard the presentation of sales particulars to be of paramount importance as it often provides first contact and create immediate interest.

These high quality sales particulars ensure that every property is marketed in the best possible light. This is one of the reasons sellers have chosen us over our competitors and this has helped us gain market share.

We upload your property to all major property portals, including primelocation which produces a consistent and growing flow of very strong enquiries and an increasing recognition of the website amongst prospective buyers and tenants, quite often the people's first choice when choosing a portal to search through.In addition we market our properties through rightmove and our network of property professionals, ensuring national coverage for your property.

  • Final bills, for example, gas and electricity, from your present home which will have to be paid when you move.

Also, take note, that should a solicitor start the conveyance process for you and if a survey or valuation has been done and your proposed purchase falls through, you will still be liable for any fee's due in respect of any works carried out up to that point.

Putting in an offer

Attempting to strike a deal is always worth considering, however, if you find your ideal home and it seems to be priced correctly, consider offering the full asking price. The Vendor will certainly take you seriously, there won't be any time-wasting and it will lessen the possibility of another party stepping - or gazumping you.

All offers should be made with the stipulation of taking the property off the market. Getting a 'Sold' board outside is a good way to dissuade others from looking. You might also want to ensure that all internet adverts for the property have been removed, to prevent any further interest.


Approximately one in three property chains fall apart. This can be for a number of reasons, from major problems uncovered by a survey, to problems with raising funds, to a sale further down the chain falling apart, be prepared, this can happen.

The best way to ensure a chain progresses smoothly is through good communication. Stay in regular contact with your conveyance professional and estate agent to make sure everything possible is being done to speed things along.


Gazumping – being outbid by another party at the last minute - is the nightmare of any property deal; estate agents are powerless to stop (even if they wanted to!) and by law under the Estate Agency Act, have to pass any offers they receive. Scotland has much better and more defined laws to protect the buyer.

Your hands are tied when it comes to preventing a determined bidder, but there are ways to lower the odds of it happening, or at least reduce the impact if it does:

  • Offer the full asking price and request that the property is removed from the market as soon as your offer is accepted.
  • Be flexible with the vendor.
  • Try not to debate and quibble over minor points
  • Be as flexible as possible to complete when the vendor wants to.
  • Try to build a rapport with the vendor; it should be harder for them to let you down.

Exchange of Contracts

The exchange of contracts marks the stage in the transaction at which a binding contract is formed and neither party can withdraw without incurring the financial liabilities stated within the terms of the contract. Normally a 5%-10% deposit is paid to the seller's solicitors, which is retained by them until completion. The deposit serves as a good faith statement that the buyer intends to proceed to purchase the property under the terms of the contract.

If the buyer withdraws from the purchase, the seller can forfeit the deposit and retain the money. There is no requirement in law for any deposit to be paid by the buyer at an earlier stage than exchange of contracts, although some estate agents may ask a buyer to lodge a nominal deposit with them pending formal exchange of contracts, generally in the region of £500. If the seller withdraws, the buyer's solicitor may apply to the court for an order forcing the seller to complete and bring court proceedings for breach of contract.

Generally there is a period of 14-28 days in between exchange and completion to allow the purchaser's solicitor sufficient time to obtain the necessary funds from the buyer and/or mortgage lender and for the seller's solicitor to obtain a redemption figure from the seller's lender.


You have finally made it; you never thought it was going to happen

Completion Stage

On the day of completion, the buyer's solicitor will telegraphically transfer to the seller's solicitor the money required to complete the transaction. Once received, the seller's solicitor will notify the buyer's solicitor and estate agent to authorise the release of the keys to the buyer. The seller and buyer will then be notified that completion has taken place so they can make their respective moving out and moving in arrangements.

Completion usually takes place by early afternoon, however, be warned, more often than not the final hurdle drags and if for any reasons funds are delayed and the solicitor is unable to pass funds, you will not be able to take possession of your new home as you still do not own the property.

If the solicitor cannot conclude the transaction on Friday, then it will not take place until at least the coming Monday, solicitors do not work on weekends, so be prepared, have alternative accommodation already earmarked to stay in should the worst scenario happen.

If, on the other hand, as in most cases everything does go to plan, then a hearty congratulations, you now own your chosen property…..easy huh…..!!

Terms of Engagement - What Terms?

You are under no stringent time penalties when you instruct P2M Properties. We do not believe that tying a client in for a period of time demonstrates confidence in ones ability; on the contrary, we feel that in our opinion it shows a level of uncertainty and lack of conviction in being able to deliver the results.

Don't be bullied into tying up your property for long periods, ask other agents if they are prepared to offer the above, and if the answer is no, ask yourself why?

Agency Fees

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