Property Acquisition

Definition - Search - Purchase

P2M has extensive experience sourcing and buying exclusive residencies for high-end clients and our knowledge of London is second to none. Whether for investment, development or private use, we will assist you in finding and buying your ideal property in London or any other UK location, utilising our network of nationwide professionals.


PRIVATE USE - For personal use, buying a family home, where the emphasis is on comfort, convenience and quality of life, whilst incorporating a forward thinking attitude towards resale value

DEVELOPMENT - A short term project for a relatively quick return, perhaps to take advantage of opportunities in the UK property market.

INVESTMENT or BUY TO LET - Generally a long-term investment offering reliable property value growth or a steady income.


CONSULTATION - First we'll arrange a meeting to discuss requirements, budget and expectations. You may have preferences for a specific location, property type, accommodation size and proximity to schools or business. We'll discuss numerous factors in order to find your perfect match.

FIND PROPERTIES - We carry out an extensive search for properties that match your specification through established property professionals, our nationwide network of professional and personal contacts. P2M is completely independent so you can be sure we'' do a thorough and unbiased search. Many of the properties we have secured for clients are never listed in Estate Agents.

EVALUATE PROPERTIES - P2M Properties strongly believe that "Location is everything". We will shortlist the best properties in each location and personally preview every potential property to assess its suitability. This saves you a great deal of time and unnecessary legwork.

VIEWINGS - We arrange viewings for you or your company and accompany you to gauge your feedback and to fully understand your specific requirements. We listen, we learn, we put into action..!


Negotiation- When you have found the flat or house you want to purchase we negotiate the price and terms of contract for you. Acting on your behalf we are more likely to be successful because we've done it many times before, so we know the potential pitfalls to avoid and the psychology of negotiating property deals.

Exchange- We have a close network of property professionals and can recommend solicitors and surveyors in order to proceed swiftly when an offer has been accepted. Until Exchange of Contract has been completed there is no binding agreement, therefore it is essential to handle this process as quickly and professionally as possible. This is when P2M is in constant contact with solicitors in order to expedite the process.

Completion- Upon exchange of contract the completion date is arranged by mutual agreement, normally some 4-8 weeks after exchange. Completion means that ownership of the property is formally transferred to you.

We manage the whole process from search‚ viewing, negotiating, exchange and completion.

Discretion is everything at P2M Properties. We regularly deal with high-profile individuals who value our professional integrity as much as they rely on our knowledge of the exclusive property market.

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