Property Investment

Why should I use an agent at all?

In a nutshell, peace of mind, experience and knowledge are just a few of the main reasons! For instance, P2M Properties can advise you with regard to what is likely to rent easily and what isn't, what type of property is in demand, suitable locations, why we feel one apartment in the same development will get you possibly 10% more return than a similar apartment in the same building, there will be a number of deciding factors that will dictate how.

We are able to assist in finding first class tenants sourced via our many avenues of marketing your property, consisting of working professionals, blue chip companies. Many of our landlords instruct us to manage, collect the rent on their behalf, oversee property inspect and generally protect their investment.

Why contact P2M Properties before I purchase a Buy to let property?

P2M Properties will always give "best advice" based on what in our opinion will give you consistent capital growth and rental yield, there are many pitfalls you must avoid, and we have the expertise to help you avoid many of the simple oversights that may happen and that can cost you a small fortune!

Firstly, when looking for an investment property, try and view it through the eyes of a tenant, what would you want if you were renting. Do not buy purely on the basis that you really love the flat, this is not enough!

A newly completed luxury property might have seemed a great idea, but in reality its rental value may not give the return you need. Depending on the area, several smaller properties may well let faster and achieve higher yields than one larger house.

There are many factors that must be taken into consideration, we will guide you and advise you through these areas.

Location is paramount when considering Buy to Let, the do's and don'ts are something we are very qualified to advise on and an area which may save you substantial amounts in the long term.

Given our experience and know how, we as a company are constantly looking for suitable properties for our investment clients, properties that will show both capital growth and rental yield potential, whether you are an experienced investor with a varied portfolio or this is your first ever property investment, rest assured that you will be welcomed by a warm, friendly and highly professional team ready to go to work for you.

How can I protect my investment?

Instructing the services of an experienced agent, such as P2M Properties should be your first step, we as an agent are able to provide safeguards such as Rent Protection and Legal Expense Insurance via highly regarded and reputable companies that has been successfully serving both agents and Landlords for many years providing specialist insurances.

Is there any legislation I should be aware of?

Due to the constant updating and changing of legislation within the property market, P2M Properties make every effort to keep its landlords fully up to date with news of legislation that is being debated now and which has recently been passed. To receive our monthly newsletter which will keep you informed of current legislation, investment hotspots along with advice to benefit you, then please click here

Investors typically buy:

In advance or 'off plan'

Many developments are marketed "off plan", before, on some occasions the foundations of a development are laid. This can be a shrewd tactic; the aim purely is to get in early, ideally on the early phases of a development, to 'cherry pick' the best units. In some instances enabling the investor to secure the property 12-24 months before completion takes place.

By the time completion comes around, if the market has seen positive capital growth then you may have already made a tidy sum, it is not uncommon for there to be around anywhere between 12-24mths before completion happens.

Some professional investors if allowed may look to purchase a group of properties from one development, (some developers only allow one property per individual) in the hope of achieving a discount; others may prefer to spread their investments in different directions.

In areas earmarked for regeneration

The Olympics has highlighted a need for improvement within certain areas, the London 2012 zone is seeing magnified attention on improvements in transport, these are all positive factors when considering investing in or close to a given area. However, this is not guaranteed to provide a definite high return – many investors and institutions sticking to areas of established property growth and return, we can help you identify these areas.

Un-modernised Properties

Quite often a run down property can represent a very worthwhile investment, but not always. Renovation, rebuild, architects costs to name but a few need to be considered if money needs to be spent on a project, a word of advice, always over estimate your costs, inevitably, most renovations, conversions etc. go over budget so try to allow a little buffer if possible.

If converting, planning permission is likely to be required, this can be lengthy as far as time is concerned and you may not always obtain the permission you seek. Get professional advice before committing to a purchase that requires substantial work, you may find that your intended spend far exceeds what would make the purchase a viable proposition.

Brand new properties in a brand new development

Brand new apartments and houses will always carry a premium for rental purposes, Investors enjoy the peace of mind that buying new will be accompanied by NHBC or similar insurance. New properties are generally let very quickly, as they can be marketed to coincide with your completion.